Celebrate The Fourth By Saluting These American Flag Hotties [SLIDESHOW]

Celebrate the Fourth of July with these sizzling hotties who make us appreciate the American flag for a lot more than its Stars and Stripes. We salute their freedom to wear these patriotic bikinis!

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  • This blonde was definitely made in America. [Photo: Facebook screen capture]
  • God bless America. [Photo: Facebook Screen capture]
  • Does it really get more American than this? [Photo: Facebook screen capture]
  • These three will have you cheering for the red, white and blue. [Photo: Facebook screen capture]
  • This cowgirl is truly what America stands for. [Photo: Facebook screen capture]
  • Hope you invited her to your barbecue. [Photo: Facebook screen capture]
  • These star-spangled babes make us thankful for our independence. [Photo: Facebook screen capture]
  • Pretty sure Betsy Ross didn't have popsicles in mind when she designed the flag. [Photo: Facebook screen capture]
  • OH, say can you see. [Photo: Tumblr Screen capture]
  • Triple the flag bikinis = triple the hotness. [Photo: Tumblr screen capture]