Fondue Me: 9 Hot Women Dipped In Chocolate [SLIDESHOW]

July 7 is a day that every chocoholic has circled on their calendars, as it’s Chocolate Day.

In honor of Chocolate Day, here are some pictures of 9 stunningly beautiful women dipped in chocolate to whet your appetite. It’s a chocolate lover’s fantasy.

Click an image below for larger version.
  • Simply delicious. (Photo: Flickr/azadams)
  • Chocolate makes a serious face sexy.  (Photo: Flickr/Miss Minnie <3: Princess of Illumination)
  • Her fingers could use some licking! (Photo: Flickr/Carla Ghysels)
  • She hearts chocolate. (Photo: Flickr/Sarah Robinson)
  • There's nothing like a chocolate model with a pretty face on top. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • A chocoholic's paradise. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Simply sweet and sexy. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • There's nothing like a hot chocolate bath at the end of the day. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • This fine lady seems to like chocolate and vanilla. (Screenshot: YouTube)