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Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

Joan Rivers won’t take crap from anyone — not even a CNN interviewer… After being called “mean” and questioned about wearing fur on the cover of a new book, the comedian on E!’s Fashion Police show stormed off the CNN set after swearing at Fredricka Whitfield. Good for you, Joan Rivers. F–k ’em. See here.

Do Hong Kong journalists have it the worst? According to the WSJ, the Hong Kong Journalist Association says it’s been the darkest in terms of press freedoms yet. The story even has a “Stop the Presses” moment. Read here.

Ann Coulter had a brush with atheism… Politico has a multiple choice test that will fill you in on all the weird details about Coulter, a conservative commentator and bomb thrower, that you had no idea you wanted to know. Former VP Dick Cheney is her ideal man?  See here

An actually pretty great Vox explainer on Robin Thicke… Please note: This is not by Ezzy Klein. See here.



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