Lawrence O’Donnell: I’ve ‘Never’ Drunk Alcohol

Jamie Weinstein | Senior Writer

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell claims he once had a sip of a beer when he was young but has never tasted alcohol since.

O’Donnell made the startling revelation in a series of tweets responding to questions from his Twitter followers.







Some of his followers pressed him further.




There was one probing question, however, that Lawrence refrained from answering.

In a 2011 interview with Playboy magazine, O’Donnell explained his decision to abstain from alcohol.

“I simply hated the taste of it,” he said. “I had nothing against it. I just wouldn’t put something in my mouth that I hated the taste of. It became a mostly faulty girl-getting strategy. My teenage strategy was, ‘I’ll be the one who’s not puking. Let’s see if that works.’ It turns out the girls in my neighborhood weren’t interested in you no matter what you did, so it didn’t work.”

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