The Paparazzi Are Determined To Give The World More Bieber [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos | Managing Editor, The Daily Caller News Foundation

A bunch of idiots gathered to photograph a really famous idiot, who then whined about it on-camera, and now — THANK GOD — the world has a photo of Justin Bieber boarding a yacht in Miami over the weekend.

Bieber’s bodyguard asked the paparazzi to give him some space, so he and his bottle of Patron could board the yacht. But one guy is seen in this YouTube video ignoring the order and charging up to the SUV with his camera. The bodyguard promptly elbows him out of the way, and then things get really mature.

The paparazzi are ticked Bieber’s still in the car, Bieber’s presumably ticked because he’s still in the car, another photographer is ticked she was nearly touched by another human being and the bodyguard and offending photographer are having some serious words.

At last a strangely calm and shirt-wearing Bieber rolls down his window and intervenes. “This is so ridiculous,” he tells a lady photographer. “Like, I just want to tell the people out there that, look what happens, look what happens in my life. All I asked was for them to move over ten feet for me to walk onto the boat.”


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