#NotAllMuslims In Britain Secretly Travel To Syria To Become Jihadists

Jim Treacher | Blogger

“Hello, martyr. Hello, fatwa. Here I am in camp for Allah!”

Nick McCarthy, Mirror Online:

Two British school friends have admitted terrorism offences after travelling to Syria to fight Jihad.

Yusuf Sarwar and Mohammed Ahmed, both aged 22, were facing terror charges at Woolwich Crown Court – but pleaded guilty on the first day of the trial today.

Computer science student Sarwar and former postal worker Ahmed. of Handsworth, Birmingham, travelled to Syria via Turkey in May 2013 and stayed in the country for eight months with an al Qaeda linked group…

When they returned to the UK after eight months away, officers from the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit were waiting at Heathrow to arrest them.

Traces of military grade explosives were found on their clothing and pictures on their camera showed them brandishing weapons.

Because they’re smart.

Well, at least these two terrorists left the country to wage jihad, instead of cutting off people’s heads in the streets of London.

By the way, these two mental giants told their families they were taking a school trip to Turkey, and even faked a pamphlet to back up their lie. So that excuse is now off the table, prospective holy warriors.

Hey, do we have any deserters left who we can trade these guys for?

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