Science: Here’s How To Make Your Meetings More Productive

Rachel Stoltzfoos | Managing Editor, The Daily Caller News Foundation

Stand up in meetings, says science, but not too long because then everyone might get varicose veins.

Two professors at the Washington University’s Olin Business School, Andrew Knight and Markus Bear, examined 54 meetings, each about 30 minutes long, and determined they’d be more productive if the participants were not using their chairs, NPR reported Tuesday.

Bear and Knight staged meetings where groups were tasked with producing a recruiting video for the university. Those who stood said they felt their colleagues were more open to ideas and less territorial.

“Our results suggest that, if leaders aspire to enhance collaborative knowledge work, they might consider eschewing the traditional conference room setup of tables and chairs,” the professors write.

But NPR importantly notes too much standing might undermine productivity. An ergonomics expert noted standing for long periods can increase the odds of developing varicose veins. Also, people get tired when they stand too long, and it might be awkward dealing with computers while standing.

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