The Weirdest Sports In The World [SLIDESHOW]

Since the U.S. has been eliminated from the FIFA World Cup and Americans have stopped watching the tournament, The Daily Caller thought we’d offer up a few suggestions about sports that y’all can watch instead.

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  • The Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake race in Gloucester, England, has grown famous in the U.K. with nearly 5,000 spectators attending this year's event. In this competition, competitors chase and hope to beat a piece of cheese that is rolling down a steep hill. The competitors tumble and fall down the hill, and occasionally get injured. An American even won this year! (screenshot/youtube)
  • Lawn mower racing is a sport in which competitors race modified lawn mowers around a dirt track. Similar to traditional auto racing, but with lawn mowers, the
United States Lawn Mower Racing Association holds events throughout the summer.(screenshot/YouTube)
  • Canal Vaulting, also called Fierljeppen in Dutch, is a popular sport in the Netherlands. In this sport, players run towards a canal, jump onto a pole and hold onto the pole as they fly across a canal. The Netherlands holds canal vaulting contests across the country throughout the summer.(screenshot/YouTube)
  • Memory sports have been becoming popular for the less physically -- but more intellectually -- talented people. Competitors in memory sport tournaments attempt to memorize as much information as possible and present the extent of their memory to judges. The memorization tests are presented in categories such as memorizing random numbers or people's names paired with faces. The World Memory Sports Council starts its 2014 memory sports schedule this summer with six national championships throughout North America and Europe.(screenshot/YouTube)
  • The Stinging Nettle Eating Competition takes place every summer in England at The Bottle Inn. In this competition, participants attempt to strip the leaves off of the most amount of nettle stalks and eat more leaves than the other competitors.  However, the nettle leaves are poisonous and cause competitors' mouths to turn black and swell. (screenshot/YouTube)
  • Dog Surfing has been catching on in groups of humans who are too afraid to surf themselves. These people train their dogs to surf and compete. Dog surfing competitions happen throughout the summer including the "Surfs Up, Dogs" competition in Florida in July. (screenshot/YouTube)
  • Extreme Ironing is a new sport. Similar to sports like skateboarding, where participants attempt tricks for points, extreme ironing is an individual sport where enthusiasts attempt to iron clothes in the most exotic places possible.  Sometimes these ironing extremists can be seen ironing underwater, on top of mountains, or on the side of moving vehicles.    (screenshot/YouTube)
  • ChessBoxing is a dual sport in which participants begin by playing a three minute round of chess and subsequently have a 3 minute boxing round.  The chess and boxing rounds alternate back and forth with 6 and 5 rounds respectively.  With its growing popularity, there is now a World ChessBoxing Association and events across the globe.(screenshot/YouTube)
  • Although a spring event, the "Bring Your Own Big Wheels Race" has become extremely popular since its beginning in 2000.  Now, competitors literally bring their own Big Wheels toy cars and race them down Vermont Street in San Francisco, the curviest street in America.(screenshot/YouTube)
  • Although a fall event, the World Outhouse Racing Championship has become extremely popular throughout America. Occurring in Iowa, Michigan and  Virginia, competitors push teammates along a rode who are sitting in an ostentatiously decorated outhouse.  In some competitions, the competitors must even use the restroom and wipe. (screenshot/YouTube)
  • Zorbing is a recreational sport that any ordinary American can enjoy. In this sport, one can buy a zorb ball, sit inside, and roll down a hill at a fast pace. (screenshot/YouTube)
  • The Wife-Carrying World Championship takes place in Finland during June. In this sport, male competitors carry female competitors, who are over 17 years old, through a 250 meter long obstacle course.  The female does not necessarily need to be the male competitor's wife and the course's obstacles may include tall fences and small bodies of water. (screenshot/YouTube)
  • The World Worm Charming Championship was started by a local farmer in England who charmed 511 worms out of the ground in 30 minutes. Now, competitors come from across the globe to compete for the Worm Charming Championship title.  Each competitor is given a 3 x 3 meter area of land and he or she attempts to collect as many worms from the ground as possible.  However, it is against the rules to dig for the worms, so competitors must charm the worms out of the ground through vibrations. (screenshot/YouTube)

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