President Feels Victimized By Washington And Wants His Own Way

During a speech in Denver, Colorado, on Wednesday, President Barack Obama expressed his feelings of victimization by the Republican Party and pledged that he will use his executive power to bypass congress and do what he sees necessary for the United States.

Obama stated that the United States is most certainly better off than it was five years ago — by almost every measure. Yet, he also believes that congress serves as a large roadblock on the way to our nation’s progress. The solution? Use more executive power.

“You would think that these challenges would absorb the attention of folks in Washington. But these days, basic common sense ideas cant get through Congress….now they cant seem to pass a bill,” Obama said.

But Obama isn’t a problem-causing man of Washington. No, the enemy is simply victimizing him.

“The Republicans in congress right now will do anything to score points for those at the top, or to try to score political points political points on me. Even if the obstruction keeps the system rigged against the middle class,” Obama stated.

This flawed economic system, Obama believes, only rewards those at the very top socioeconomic level. The president would prefer if the rewards were spread out across all of the economic classes instead.

But, no worries, there is still hope for Washington.

“I don’t think that they’re all terrible people,” Obama said in reference to the Republican Party. “They love their families, they love their country — they’ve just got a different economic theory.”

Luckily, Obama sympathizes with the frustration with “the stubborn status quo” in politics and in Washington.

“Don’t let them win by you being cynical,” Obama said. “Because, despite everything that’s happened, by all the obstruction, Americas made progress…despite the unwavering opposition of a few…Cynicism is a popular choice these days, its what passes off for wisdom.”

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