Hottest Girls Who Play Sports That Nobody Cares About [Slideshow]

The only reason that anybody at all watches these sports is because of the women that can be seen here in the next ten pictures.

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  • Clair Bidez was a professional snowboarder whose specialty was the half pipe.  Her career just recently ended because of an ankle injury.  I'm sure that there are many men who would offer to take care of her ankle for her.  (screenshot/youtube)
  • Julia Mancuso is an American alpine ski racer who won the bronze medal in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics combined event.  We like her better when she isn't wearing all her snow gear. (screenshot/youtube)
  • Silje Norendal is a snowboarder from Norway.  She competed in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and finished fourth in the  slope style event.  She won the slope style event in the 2014 Winter X Games.  But, who really cares?  What we care about is her Scandinavian attractiveness. (screenshot/youtube)
  • Ellen Hoog is so sexy that she needs individual attention.  She is a midfielder for the Netherlands.  Few people probably know what that means, but for the rest of us it doesn't matter. (screenshot/youtube)
  • Eva de Goede and Ellen Hoog are both members of the sexy Netherlands Women's Field Hockey Team. (screenshot/youtube)
  • The entire Netherlands Women's Olympic Field Hockey Team was considered by many to be the sexiest full team in the last two Olympics.  The team won the 2012 London Olympics for their second straight gold medal, but that's not why we care. (screenshot/youtube)
  • Miesha Tate may be eye candy for males who pass by her on the street, but I wouldn't stare at her for too long.  She competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and she can certainly beat up any man. (screenshot/youtube)
  • Gabrielle Reece is an American professional volleyball player.  She also has miles of long legs for men to stare at. (screenshot/youtube)

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