Middle School Teacher Twerks All Over Students, Gets Student Lap Dance, Gets Year Suspension

The national epidemic of teachers who twerk and give or receive lap dances has gotten another teacher suspended from her job.

The twerker is Kernan Middle School gym teacher and soccer coach Courtney Spruill, reports local CBS affiliate WTEV.

Effective this month, the Duval County School Board has suspended Spruill for a year without pay because of her actions at a party for the school soccer team which occurred at a parent’s home this spring.

Spruill (who is called “Coach Perry” by students) had a ball at the party. An extensive district report found that she drank alcohol and twerked all over a bunch of players. She also taught students some twerking moves.

An unnamed student gave Spruill a lap dance lasting between three and four minutes, which a student filmed on a cell phone.

After consuming alcohol and having a blast at the party, the report states, Spruill gave someone a ride home and nearly drove off the road.

The report observes that twerking is “a form of club and/or dirty dancing.”

The website helpfully defines “twerking” as “basically a slutty dance” that involves “the act of moving/shaking ones ass/buns/bottom/buttocks/bum-bum in a circular, up-and-down, and side-to-side motion.”

The report concluded that Spruill showed “the gross exercise of poor judgment.”

Spurill certainly isn’t the first teacher of recent vintage to find herself in big trouble for twerking or lap dances.

America’s greatest twerking teacher is and will always be Carly McKinney (aka Carly Crunk Bear), the 23-year-old high school math teacher from Aurora, Colo. who took to Twitter in 2013 with half-nude photos of herself, chatter about getting heroically stoned and an admission that she was tweeting instead of working during school hours. (RELATED: High School Teacher Tweets Half-Naked Photos, Tells The World She Was High While Grading)

In Februry, Houston, Texas middle school teacher Felicia Smith, 42, staged a full-contact lap dance in her classroom for a lucky birthday boy. It’s not clear if the kid enjoyed the lap dance. However, he admitted that he did slap Smith’s ass a couple times. (RELATED: Middle School Teacher Provides ‘Full-Contact’ Lap Dance In Front Of Class For Birthday Boy)

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