Did RNC Chair Predict LeBron’s Return To Cleveland Cavaliers? [VIDEO]

Following the announcement to hold the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, RNC chairman Reince Priebus told D.C.-based radio station WMAL on Wednesday that the NBA has been a deciding factor on the starting date of the 2016 convention.

Priebus told “Mornings on the Mall” radio hosts Brian Wilson and Larry O’Connor that the 2016 starting date will be “either on June 27 or July 18th… there are some logistical problems with the late June start and that has to do with the NBA.”

If LeBron James pushes the Cleveland Cavaliers into winning the NBA’s Eastern Conference and possibly advancing to the finals, the NBA season could go all the way into mid-to-late June.

The logistical issues of security, staging, planning, and weeks of Secret Service preparation could be impacted by a late NBA season.

“This may be the first time in the history of a national party that NBA free agency may have a determining factor on start date,” Priebus said.

The RNC chairman hinted that they have weighed the late June date heavily due to the potential of LeBron James coming back to Cleveland.

“If LeBron James gets signed by Cleveland again, it will certainly give a few people concern about that June date,” he told WMAL on Wednesday.