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The witness 

“Just saw a cab almost kill a woman and her baby at 13th and G. But remember folks, bicycles are the problem.” — Byron Tau, Politico.

The Donald thinks Rosie will stink 

“Rosie is back on the View which tells you how desperate they must be. It is the standard short term fix and long term disaster.” — Donald Trump, presumably vying for fake office. He might be right on this one though.

F&$king great, right? 

“NEWS 4 YOUR HEALTH: A new study found that interrupted sleep is just as unhealthy as getting no sleep at all.” — NBC Washington.

Just over it.

“STFU about LeBron. Jesus.” — Ben White, Politico.

Scott Brown’s dog will wear what? 

“Scott Brown’s dog, Koda, will wear a tuxedo to his daughter’s wedding ceremony this weekend” — James Hohmann, Politico. See here.

TV journo has tickle in her throat

“Why when you start thinking about that tickle in your throat you end up coughing more… And of course in the middle of my live shot. #sorry” — Fox5’s Kelly Azar.

The Observer

“Interns trying to take naps during congressional hearings dot tumblr dot com.” — Kevin Robillard, Politico.

An important reminder: “Don’t forget to get your copy of the book from Amazon. More book signings to come.” — DC City Councilman Marion Barry, Jr.

Defending Glenn Beck

“No one ever ever crossed the border until lured by the promise of a Glenn Beck sandwich.” — TheBlazeDana Loesch.


A maiden in distress

“Getting drenched under an overhang outside of Longworth. Def should have taking @RepMurphyFL up on his umbrella offer. The nicest Capitol Hill police have given me shelter. Thank goodness. #dcproblems.” — Alyssa Farah, communications professional.

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