This Animated Mets Fan Is So Fed Up With His Team Sucking

Al Weaver | Reporter

The New York Mets are not a good team, and they haven’t been for a long time. They are a 4th-place team in the worst division in baseball, and the emotions of this fellow sure shows this to be the case.

Thanks to an 8th inning foul out by Juan Lagaras (with men in scoring position and the game on the line), this fan lets everyone know that ‘MY TEAM SUCKS, THEY HAVE FOR A LONG TIME, and I have nothing left to say.’

This Mets fan is exasperated. Check that, this Mets fan is a prototypical Mets fan.

Oh yea, the Mets lost to Atlanta, 3-1.

For the record, I’m a Phillies fan and have no room to talk at the moment, but who cares.

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