BAE Is Going All ‘Transformers’ With Its New Pentagon Plane Concepts

Defense contractor BAE Systems appears to be borrowing a few pages out of the “Transformers” sci-fi film series for its next generation of jet aircraft.

Of the bold and futuristic design concepts unveiled in a series of new videos, one draws its name directly from the big-budget robot epic, and is capable of separating into three independent aircraft to accomplish multiple mission tasks at once, including recon, surveillance and resupply.


Another dubbed “The Survivor” features an aircraft skin made of an adhesive liquid within nanotubes, which would be capable of “self-healing” in-flight when hit by enemy fire.


The third titled “Directed Energy Systems” displays the potential use of weapons of the same name for missile defense, which traditionally employ anti-missiles to shoot down incoming missiles.


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The British-based contractor domestically headquartered in Arlington, Va. near the Pentagon, said such technologies could be feasible by 2040 or sooner. However, as a Bloomberg Businessweek report points out, the DOD’s headaches over the combination of much-more conventional technologies in Lockheed’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program could create a lasting aversion to advanced planes for a long time to come. (RELATED: Entire F-35 Fleet Quietly Grounded Ahead Of July 4 Holiday)

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