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Bath Time

Are you so done with click-bait headlines? Of course not. But a story in The Daily Beast lays out the landscape of sites that push click-bait — Upworthy, HuffPost, BuzzFeed, etc… The author points out there are sites and feeds that are fighting back. Why you should read it: Makes you think, are you contributing to the problem? See here.

In the underbelly of Ed Klein… Politico lets you in on all things Ed Klein today with a quiz that offers a lot of details on the author of Blood Feud, the latest book on presidential considerer Hillary Clinton. Who likes him (Ann Coulter), who can’t stand him (Commentary‘s John Podhoretz) and who he brings up when defending his work (WaPo‘s Bob Woodward). Why you should read it: It’s fun to see what insane answer you’ll read next. Read here.

Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) has a softer side… that involves 16-year-old girls. See here.

What do Judge Judy and Senate Maj. Leader Harry Reid have in common? See here

When it’s family you can (apparently) do whatever the hell you want… See here.