The 24 Season Finale Is Tonight, And Someone Who Isn’t Jack Bauer Will Die

SPOILER: Someone will die tonight.

That is hardly a bold statement for anyone that is familiar with “24,” the long-running show that invented the real-time concept in television.

But more specifically, will America’s savior and (still) resident badass Jack Bauer finally get the ax?

Through eight full seasons and a ninth semi-season, Jack Bauer has been through, umm, anything and everything a person could fathom.

To the master list we go!

  • His wife died in his arms
  • He became a heroin addict to keep a cover that ultimately lost him his job
  • He was dead (DEAD!) for a few minutes before being resuscitated
  • He had to abandon his family and create a new identity after feigning his death (hence him being DEAD for a few minutes)
  • He was captured and subsequently tortured in a Chinese prison camp for over a year
  • His lover was murdered via sniper literally 30 seconds after having sex with him (talk about a tragedy …)
  • He’s survived TWO nuclear detonations in the greater Los Angeles area (!!)

Finally, literally everyone who has been anyone on the show has been killed off, including at least four presidents.

Everyone except Jack (and Chloe).

Credit: @24fox

Chloe O’Brien
Credit: @24fox

To paraphrase a proverb, one that lives by the sword is apt to die by it as well.

But come on. We are talking about Jack Bauer here.

There is no way, for a multitude of reasons, the man with a never-ending cellphone charge and the bladder of a blue whale will perish tonight.

He’s already saved a president’s life this season. Somehow, Jack has also kept Chloe alive and well for nearly seven seasons.

He can’t die. Right?

With the Russians in pursuit and the Chinese in his sights, Jack has quite the conundrum on his hands with London being the site of this latest bloodbath.

Either Jack will live, or he won’t. But he’ll probably live because that is what Jack Bauer does, incredibly.

Jack is known to have eight lives. But does he have nine?

That will be answered at, give or take, 9:57 p.m. EST tonight.

Stay tuned.