Planned Parenthood Schools Underage Girls In Violent Sex [VIDEO]

Nearly half of Planned Parenthood’s revenue comes from taxpayer dollars — over $500 million last year — and it is set to receive more. The Personal Responsibility Education Program, funded under an Obamacare amendment to the Social Security Act, “is the first state-grant program from the federal government that funds comprehensive sex education,” according to Planned Parenthood’s website.

“PREP provides $55 million for states to fund evidence-based sex education programs that meet the needs of our country’s young people by teaching teens how to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS, protect their health, make responsible decisions, and learn critical skills needed to form healthy relationships with parents, peers, and partners.”

A staffer at the Littleton Planned Parenthood, helping one investigator learn the skills necessary for a healthy relationship, explained that safe words are a good idea because words like “stop” can get “mixed up when you’re having intercourse. … Some guys, they don’t know, ‘does she really mean stop?'”

These aren’t isolated incidents — Live Action released a similar video in June showing similar “counseling” at a clinic in Indiana.

“The Planned Parenthood-approved advice of ‘do whatever you want, but just use a safe word’ glorifies kids acting out rape scenarios,” Rose said. “It’s extremely dangerous counseling: they’re undermining and invalidating the crucially important rule of no means no.”

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