Jaguar Ad Banned By Stuffy, Boring Brits [VIDEO]

This Jaguar ad was banned in the U.K. because it vaguely suggests driving at high speeds in a $70,000 dollar car is a good idea.

In the spot, “Thor” star Tom Hiddleston quotes Shakespeare’s “Richard II” in his sexy villain voice while sitting in a Jaguar F-type coupe, and basically says he is going to take over the world.

While the British Advertising Standard Agency was apparently not concerned at all with the pro-villain-taking-over-the-entire-world message, it found the already subdued pro-high-speeds-in-a-fast-car message completely unacceptable, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Jaguar explained to the ASA that policeman were present during the shoot to ensure the speed limit was not exceeded, and the ASA agreed that speed wasn’t the focus of the spot, but said when the car left the garage it “appeared to suggest significant speed within an enclosed environment.”

In addition to appearing to suggest “high” speeds in a fast car might possibly have the potential to be a good idea, the ASA said the second part of the spot suggested “the car was being driven at excessive speeds and that the ad therefore encouraged irresponsible driving.”

The ASA has banned the ad in its current form.


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