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Drunk Man Poses As TSA Agent, Pats Down Women

A drunk man at the San Francisco airport recently posed as a Transportation Security Administration agent and patted two women down.

After he had a few drinks, the 53-year-old passenger was dressed in khakis and a blue polo shirt and allegedly took a pair of blue gloves to complete his look, according to the Daily Mail. Although he was missing a badge and patches, he convinced two foreign female passengers that he was a TSA agent and took them to private screening areas to pat them down.

Even if he wasn’t a real TSA agent, maybe he could at least tell the real agents where Washington, D.C. is. (RELATED: TSA Agents STILL Don’t Know Basic US Geography).

The first female left for her flight and couldn’t be tracked down for questioning. The man was stopped by suspicious — real — TSA agents after they saw the second woman leave the booth, according to NY Daily News. Male officers are allowed to pat down female passengers only if a female agent is present.

The man has been charged with public drunkenness, and he could face more charges if the two women he allegedly groped come forward.