‘Morning Joe’ Doesn’t Believe Kerry’s Open Mic Criticism Of Israel Was An Accident [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon | Contributor

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and the rest of the “Morning Joe” crew expressed deep skepticism Monday morning that John Kerry’s open mic criticism of an Israeli operation in Gaza was really an accident — with one contributor noting that with Kerry’s decades-long history in the spotlight, “he’s pretty aware of what a hot mic is.”

On Sunday Fox News played a clip of the secretary of state speaking to an aide about the mounting casualties of an Israeli strike on Gaza while on-camera and hooked up to a microphone.

“Helluva pinpoint operation,” he said sarcastically, slamming Israel’s claim that the operation is carefully directed against Hamas targets (RELATED: Kerry Caught On Open Mic Sarcastically Slamming Israeli Gaza Op).

“Let me ask you, Mika,” Scarborough asked his co-host. “How long has John Kerry been in the national spotlight? … Do you think John Kerry knows that when you speak on a set with microphones around that people are going to hear you? I’m just curious, after doing this for 30 years or 40 years?”

“Look, I think that he is probably frustrated with this situation –” Brzezinski began.

“Come on!” Scarborough laughed. “Yes or no?”

“Yes,” Brezezinski admitted, prompting Scarborough to add he thinks Kerry is “frustrated, obviously, with the Israelis, and frustrated with his own administration.”

MSNBC contributor John Heilemann agreed with Scarborough’s theory.

“I think John Kerry has spent an awful lot of time in television studios over the last 40 years,” he explained. “He’s pretty aware of what a hot mic is.”

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