Toyota On Cutting Edge To Quiet Children In Back Seat

Toyota’s 2015 Sienna has now taken some of the pressure off of parents dealing with children while trying to safely navigate busy roads with its new feature, Driver Easy Speak.

Driver Easy Speak is a microphone in the car that points to the rear seats, according to Engadget. Parents will no longer have to turn around, face their children, take their eyes off the road and yell at them for spilling juice or pulling their siblings hair out.

The new family friendly Toyota Sienna will also have a flip-down conversation mirror so that parents can check on their children or passengers riding in the back seat. Parents will be able to see exactly which child is the culprit in the fight or the reason why a mysterious stain was found in the back seat.

Toyota’s rear seat pointing microphone and flip-down conversation mirror seem like extremely simple designs that will hopefully reduce a parent’s need to take their eyes off the road.

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