EPA Gets Caught Playing ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’

Kaitlan Collins | White House Correspondent

If you had any glimmer of faith in governmental agencies, let it now be extinguished.

It turns out the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water, or at least the person who runs its Twitter account, is a fan of Kim Kardashian’s video game.

It sent out this tweet Monday night.

(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

It’s an automated tweet from Kim Kardashian’s video game, which is on track to rake in $200 million by the end of the year. The game generates money because players must make in-app purchases to buy clothes, make red carpet appearances, and “date famous people” in order to go from being an E-List celebrity to A-list.

Most likely, the EPA’s social media manager meant to post the tweet from their personal account, and instead sent it from the EPA’s, which is almost as embarrassing as feeding into the Kardashian frenzy by putting time and effort into this video game (note their progress from E-List to C-List.)

The tweet remained up for almost three hours, and got almost 3,000 retweets. It was deleted Monday night and not acknowledged.

Instead, Tuesday morning, the account was back to tweeting per usual.

John Dingell, congressman from Michigan, tweeted this just checking in on the EPA.

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