Sources: Head Of Consumer Product Safety Commission Attends WSJ Gala, Receives Gift Bag With Dangerous Products

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

Media writer Jim Romenesko has been on the Wall Street Journal‘s gift bag beat as of late. He recently wrote about how they recently recalled a phone charger because of its weird tendency to explode. The gift bag was to commemorate the paper’s 125th anniversary.

Apparently it was just one charger that combusted. But that’s enough for an uproar, right?

A few other odd tidbits about this story…

1. They also included in the gift bag an Ice Cream Scoop (scoops!!! get it!!! It’s a joke) that also had been recalled because there was a liquid inside it and when you put in the dishwasher it superheated and exploded spewing hot liquid on consumers.

2. Sources tell The Mirror that the head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission attended the anniversary gala and was given a gift bag with the dangerous and recalled products.

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