The Mirror

What Did This Man Do To Make People So Mad?

Politico’s chief political columnist Roger Simon doesn’t necessarily write safe, vanilla-infused columns. But he’s also not one to scream fire in a theater.

Last night he made an exception to his normally affable nature and tweeted something that has the Republican masses out for blood. His blood, to be exact.

The responses to it are pointed. A journalist wrote The Mirror, saying, “Roger Simon is a fucking idiot.”

And the fun didn’t stop there.

“Go fuck yourself,” wrote Harry.

Josh Smith: “Fuck you.”

The Real Bepo had more of a question response: “Are you fucking retarded?”

Richard Nussbaum had career advice. “How does 1 so stupid get a job at Politico?” he asked. “I also think he needs to change his bio 2 always in error.”

Soon politics came bounding in. Swing4dafences wrote, “Obviously Roger Simon is an Obama Kool-Aid drinking socialist.”

Hitler was not far behind.

Barry Choom wrote, “Communist, pos, Hitler sporting mustache @politicoroger said @GovPerry sending troops to shoot small kids. Typical anti-American c.sucker.”

And threats of violent acts, expected.

JBGoldCanyon declared, “You deserve to get your ass kicked just for that tweet alone.”

JustKarl threw Simon’s own words in his face.

“Please lecture me again about civility,” wrote Karl, linking to a 2012 story by Simon called, “Rudeness is the new normal.”

I requested comment from Simon and wondered if he had any regrets about it or any reaction to all the nasty comments flying his way.

UPDATE: Simon writes The Mirror, “I have no problem with comments good or bad. I don’t change my opinion based in what is most popular, but on what I believe to be right. As my Twitter bio says: Sometimes in error, but never in doubt. Also, I suggest people read Jonathan Swift’s ‘A Modest Proposal’ if they want to gain some insight.”