Now You Can Repel Mosquitoes With An App

Weary of spraying sticky mosquito repellent on your arms? Sick of the bug spray stench? Then this app is for you: introducing Anti Mosquito, the app that releases a high-pitched sound unheard by humans but extremely irritating to mosquitoes.

According to the description of the app on Google Play, mosquitoes really don’t like certain sonic frequencies, and “most humans” won’t hear the sonic frequencies emitted by the app. Instead of buying a can of spray, now hikers and campers can just whip out their smartphones and activate Anti Mosquito and voila! Mosquitoes are gone.

One potential downside to the app is if your phone dies while traipsing through the woods. If you’re out in the wild, then you won’t be able to recharge your phone. Unless you have a can of stinky bug repellent on you, then welcome back mosquitoes. (RELATED: Water Droplets May Be Able To Charge Smartphones)

For short outdoor excursions however — like cookouts in the backyard — the app may be a much more attractive option than spraying oneself with icky bug-repelling chemicals.

Reviews are mixed. Some claim the app works perfectly, others cry foul.

Dylan Silveira wrote, “I am dead. I had walked through a swarm of mosquitoes at the infested pond of darkness.. holding in my hand my device and in my heart the trust for the devloper of this app.. i could hear a discontinuous buzz.. and next it was a dance of mosquitoes.. and now I am dead of Malaria..”

Sj Yi, however, seems to think the app is fantastic. Sj Yi wrote this review, glowing with triumph: “See mosquitoes run, Samsung Note2. I like to work in my garden after sun goes down but mosquitoes and gnats have a feast whenever i am outside. I tried some other apps but they give me a headache and I still get bit. I installed this app and pointed the phone towards the bugs. I felt a sense of revenge when I saw then flying away. I was able to stay out until I got my work done. Great job.”

The average rating is four stars for the app is four stars. CNet put up a video profiling the app, which you can view below.


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