Four-Year-Old Boy Gets Lifetime Ban From Doughnut Shop For Asking Lady If She Is Pregnant

A four-year-old boy in the never-ending suburbs of Connecticut has learned a valuable lesson every male must learn at some point: Don’t ask a woman if she is pregnant. Ever. Just don’t do it.

The lesson was a costly one, though, because the kid got himself banned — apparently for life — from a doughnut shop for expressing his curiosity.

The story unfolded recently at a Doughnut Inn in Monroe, Conn., reports Hartford area CBS affiliate WFSB.

Mad mother Rebecca Denham explained that her son, Justin Otero, had asked a customer in line at the restaurant if she had “a baby in her belly.”

The woman said she did not. Denham, no doubt horrifically embarrassed, apologized.

The woman said it was “no problem,” Denham told WFSB.

On Tuesday morning, however, when Denham took Justin back to the same Doughnut Inn, a manager allegedly banned her son from the store.

“We were screamed at in front of the door, ‘he’s not allowed in here, he’s rude,'” Denham told the CBS station.

If it’s true that there’s no such as bad publicity, then this story is a goldmine for the Doughnut Inn of Monroe. The Yelp page for this particular breakfast wagon shows no reviews prior to this week. Since the incident, however, the page has become a miniature salon of discussion almost exclusively about this Tuesday’s kerfuffle.

Commenters from around the country (few if any of whom seem to have eaten at the restaurant) have opined about Justin’s lifetime ban. Most are angry about it.

“How dare you,” says a fairly representative commenter. “I would give it 0 stars.”

However, a smattering of commenters suggests that perhaps there is more to the story than Denham, the angry mother, lets on.

The Doughnut Inn Facebook page also hints at more facts.

“The media accepted one woman’s fabricated story without hearing the truth, and for that we are sorry,” the store’s management said in their own defense, according to a WFSB followup.

“I’d like to clarify that my decision to ask this customer to take her business elsewhere was based on a whole series of incidences involving inappropriate behavior, and unfortunately, my suggestion was not met with any degree of understanding on her part,” the manager also wrote.

Denham noted that she is disappointed in America that the shop is now receiving “threatening remarks and calls.”

In a Yelp review of a nearby Doughnut Inn also located in Monroe — written in April, before this week’s hullabaloo — a reviewer criticized the fried pastry purveyor for “missing that signature doughnut inn glaze” [sic].

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