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A Post To Warm Cable News Publicists’ Hearts

Looks like Valentine’s Day came twice this year.

And if you’re network publicist, this morning’s post on Mediaite was sure to put a spring in your step. What’s not to like–no, love–about a post that exalts 12 cable TV hosts? Especially one that doesn’t involve ratings in their decisions.

Come on Mediaite, MNSBC’s ultra-preachy Chris Hayes (#7)? And the new Reliable Sources (#9)? CNN’s Anderson Cooper (who rolled in at #10) is far superior and way more watchable.

You guys lost me at #7. Blech!

But the smiles had to come in droves. One publicist even forwarded it to me. The name will go unmentioned as I appreciated getting the note.

Among the picks I can get on board with: MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki (#4) and mainly because he’s one of a small number of hosts on that network who isn’t irritating to watch. FNC’s Megyn Kelly came in at #11 (seriously, she’s beneath Reliable Sources?), Chuck Todd at #12 (could be pushed way up, especially since he’s the fan favorite when Meet the Press dumps David Gregory), and the envelope please: Jake Tapper is the victor, at #1.

All in all, a good day for cable news publicists.

UPDATE: Next week comes Mediaite‘s “worst of” cable news shows. We can hardly wait.