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Thank You For Sharing: ‘I Want To Poop On You Dude’

In the last 24 hours, since allegations of plagiarism have surfaced against BuzzFeed editor Benny Johnson, the reaction has been astounding – and quite dirty. One remark that isn’t making our listicle but deserves an mention comes from conservative writer Robert Stacy McCain, who writes, “This is bad, Benny. Not fatal, but not good either.”

Here are 7 laugh out loud (or LOL as BuzzFeed might say) reactions to Johnson’s own reaction to the Twittersphere.

First, Benny’s note of gratitude.


And now, the award-winning responses, including one guy (@DeusExJuice a.k.a. “Stephen”) who creatively offered a photographed response.

7. “Eat shit.” — from B.A.M., who has obviously watched The Help one too many times.

6.  “Blow it out your ass.” — from BuzzFeed Caligula.

BtVvBTgIcAEpJ1R5.  “It would be epic win sauce if I pooped and/or peed on you. My turds are v large.” — from Ambassador.

4. “You may think you are made of #win, but today the Internet made you seem like an ole bag of #fail Benster.” — from Kevin Brown.

3. “The only original contribution you’ve made to the world is photographing chain eateries near the sites of tragedies. Congrats.” — Rob H. 

2. “I am going to drop a warm sticky poop on your colossal forehead and then try to rinse it off with a blast of hot pee.” — from Puffin Omar, who obviously put a lot of thought into this.

1. “I wanna poop on you dude. Nasty fat man diarrhea all over your pidgeon chest.” — from the eloquent BuzzFeed Stuey.