The Daily Caller Presents The Alphabet Of Racism: THE LETTER ‘F’

The Daily Caller’s alphabet of racism continues — keep up the good work.

Here are seven people, places, things, concepts, or words beginning with the letter ‘F’ that someone, somewhere deemed racist.

(Photo: Andrei Niemimäki/Flickr/Creative Commons)Fewer black baseball players is racist, according to Hank Aaron. In a conversation about how race relations have, or have not, improved since he was chasing Babe Ruth’s home run record, the baseball legend implied the GOP is a modern day version of the KKK, and said anyone who thinks a lot has changed is kidding themselves. He cited a lack of black baseball players as evidence. “When I first started playing, you had a lot of black players in the major leagues,” he told USA Today. “Now you don’t have any. (7.7 percent of big-leaguers last season). So what progress have we made? You try to understand, but we’re going backward.”

(Photo: Beverly & Pack/Flickr/Creative Commons)In 2012, The Huffington Post published a piece explaining why The Fire Department of New York City is racist. The Civil Rights division of the Justice Department sued the FDNY, which was 89 percent white, for discriminating against black and latino candidates. The Justice Department won its case, for reasons not elaborated in the piece. The FDNY claimed it simply hired those candidates who passed the test, but the Huffington Post explained why the FDNY must be racist: “To achieve 89 percent all white status, in a City of New York agency, there has to be a number of discriminatory practices used to bar non-White applicants access.”

(Photo: Clementine Gallot/Flickr/Creative Commons)The term “food stamps” is racist, said MSNBC’s Chris Matthews after Newt Gingrich gave a speech in 2011 using the apparent racial code. Gingrich had referred to Obama as a “food stamp president,” and asked whether Americans wanted to be a country that creates foods stamps, or a country that creates paychecks. “Haven’t heard food stamps discussed since the last racist guy tried to play the card,” Matthews said as he played the race card. “I mean, I can’t remember the last time it was talked about. [It has] a particular tinge to it.” (RELATED: Mentioning ‘food stamps’ the new racism, says Chris Matthews)

(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot)The 1958 broadway musical and subsequent film you’ve probably never heard of called “The Flower Drum Song” was deemed racist because of the way it portrayed Asian Americans. In 2002 the musical was revived, apparently sans the racist portrayal, and did relatively well. Major complaints were that the musical and film stereotyped Asians as overly exotic and did not give the female star a satisfactory role. This clip, for example, is apparently racist.