Amazon Is Now Selling 3D Printed Products

Kate Patrick | Contributor

We knew 3D printing was cool, but 3D printers are insanely expensive, and not only do you need the machinery but also the raw materials in order to create. Enter Amazon, the champion of convenient prices and super fast shipping, now bringing 3D printed products to the average consumer.

On Amazon’s 3D printing page, Amazon shoppers can find jewelry, toys, electronics accessories and kitchen and home products. Many of the products are made from nylon polyamide, a type of plastic. Consumers can choose from a variety of products and materials, and can also customize products, like cufflinks or the ‘Create Your Own’ 3D Printed Slim Wallet.

Unfortunately, these 3D printed novelties are still pretty pricy: a decorative bowl is going for $132, while this table lamp is $739.

Because Amazon now endorses 3D printing, we can expect 3D printing manufacturers to start selling their products through Amazon, and eventually drive down prices.

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