Ten Of The Freakiest Underwater Sea Creatures You Will Ever See [SLIDESHOW]

Most people talk about aliens, but they don’t realize there are plenty of alien-like creatures in the sea. Check out ten of the scariest ones here.

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  • Viperfish may look freaky but they only live for a few hours. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Barbeled dragonfish are unique in emitting blue light.  (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Wolffish produce antifreeze, but are victims of overfishing. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • The snaggletooth is over two feet long, and they're Australia's problem. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • The black dragonfish looks a little bit like the alien from "Alien."(Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Is that sand? No, it's a northern stargazer  about to eat you. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • That scary fish that was mistaken for a light in "Finding Nemo" was the anglerfish. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Gulper eels may look scary but they're terrible swimmers. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Goblin sharks are believed to be an ambush predator, so be careful when you enter the ocean. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • A frilled shark is what sea serpents likely are. (Screenshot: YouTube)

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