Barbara Mikulski’s Hottest Moments

Barbara Mikulski, Democratic senator from Maryland, has served her country for 27 years. Heating up Capitol Hill, she towers at 4-foot-11, perhaps a few inches taller with that perfectly coiffed ‘do.

Though Mikulski knows her own worth (she made herself the protagonist of her self-written mystery novel), perhaps the world isn’t aware of how sizzling this senator truly is. In that case, The Daily Caller is here to show you her hottest moments, ever. Try to contain yourself.

1. Mikulski glides down an escalator, very considerately taking up the entire aisle.  Mikulski rides an escalator into the subway system at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

2. Barbara, are you blushing?!

Democratic Legislators Hold News Conference To Urge Congress To Pass The Paycheck Fairness Act

3. It’s usually hot when two women hug sensually, but this is just plain wrong, Barbara.

U.S.  Sen Clinton embraces fellow Sen. Mikulski at the Emilys list luncheon in Denver

4. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this smug grin each and every morning? 

Democratic National Convention: Day 2

5. That pout is just plain sultry. 

US Sen. Barbara Mikulski (R), D-MD, and

6. Dull orange is really her color. 

Hubble Space Telescope Images Released

7. All eyes are on Mikulski as she struts down the halls of the Capitol. 

Congress Meets As Government Shutdown Looms

8. Even George W. Bush took advantage of his opportunity to plant a kiss on the babe and the legend that is Barbara Mikulski. 

US President George W. Bush (2R) kisses Senator Ba

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