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5 Dumbest Tweets Of The Week

And now for the dumbest part of our week… Please note, we’re straying from all tweets this week and allowing in one Facebook update because it’s just that dumb.

If you have to ask…

5. “What did I miss on Twitter today?” — Politico‘s Nick Gass. Congratulations! A newcomer to this weekly award ceremony.

Oooooo who cares? 

4. “Oooooo I just popped popcorn but I am eating it in the dark because my light refuses to turn on.” — NationaReviewOnline‘s Katherine Timpf.

Some questions do not deserve answers

3. “Why do they call it Happy Hour? It never lasts for just 60.Minutes [sic].” — Fresh FM’s Tommy McFly.

Journo gets angry at her mug (the ceramic thing, not her face) 

2. “The utter futility of getting mad at a mug when it spills scalding hot tea on one’s leg.” — MSNBC’s Alex Wagner.



1. “Herpes is for life, bro.” — Jason Howerton, evening editor at TheBlaze.