Grade School Kids To LeBron James: You Can’t Beat Our Gym Teacher In A DUNK CONTEST [VIDEO]

Eric Owens | Editor

Students at an elementary school in Philadelphia, Pa. have gamely decided to put their gym teacher up for a dunking contest against LeBron James.

The teacher is Hans Muller, reports CBS Philadelphia.

Muller, 29, is a physical education instructor at Julia Ward Howe Elementary School, where he has worked for five years. He attended West Chester University.

James, also 29, is the 6’8″, 250-lb., chiseled mass of a future hall-of-famer who jumped directly from high school to the NBA. He is a four-time Most Valuable Player and two-time NBA champion with the Miami Heat. He will play for the Cleveland Cavaliers — again — next year.

Muller said the impetus for the competition came because his students like to watch his mad dunking skills — on a nine-foot net at Howe Elementary that students don’t know isn’t regulation height.

“Their favorite thing is to see me dunk,” he told CBS Philadelphia. “Sometimes I reward the class and dunk for them, and they pick a dunk they want me to try. They started asking, ‘Are you better than LeBron?’ They know LeBron is my favorite player, and I played along, ‘Of course I’m better.'”

Eventually, a student said Muller should challenge James to a dunk contest. Muller mulled it over and decided, sure, why not?

“Originally I wrote a letter to the Miami Heat,” the gym teacher told the local CBS station. “That never works, so I scratched that and we thought to create our own video and get the kids involved. We made it on Monday night.”

In the video, which is below, Muller explains: “As cool as it would be for me to meet LeBron James, I think the experience my kids would see would last them a lifetime. They would see that someone came from the same situation or experiences that they’re dealing with and are able to, you know, overcome those obstacles and just make the best out of their life, and take their talents to make the best out of their talents.”

The Twitter hashtags to promote the contest — because everything has a hashtag or two these days — are #BeatThatLeBron #come2Howe.

If James accepts the challenge, The Daily Caller expects the event to go something like this previous dunk contest in which the superstar was involved (in many, many ways).


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