Mediaite: ‘Morning Joe’ Among Worst Shows On Cable News

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

As promised, Mediaite has done its level best to piss off cable network flacks this week, after undoubtedly delighting some to no end last week.

The pub recently brightened some news flacks’ days as they highlighted the cable news shows they liked best…among them, CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper and MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd.

This week, they’re back with 12 shows they can’t stand. See here. Among them is MSNBC’s pride and joy: Morning Joe, a show that this morning managed to leave HuffPost’s Sam Stein languishing for 28 minutes after the crack of dawn before getting to him. They also whooped it up with jokes about Pulitzers while WaPo‘s Eugene Robinson attempted to interview a correspondent in Jerusalem. Nice timing. Laughter and war are always hilarious. “Every morning, we all must bask in the glow that is how super-important and well-connected the Morning Joe hosts and their gaggle of regulars truly are,” snarks Mediaite‘s Tina Nguyen.

Next up on the chopping block: CNN’s Crossfire. “It’s almost so dull you forget the show exists,” they write.

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