The Redskins Are Selling A Shirt Honoring One Week Of Practice

Seth Richardson | Contributor

Apparently the Redskins are selling a shirt for $30 in honor of practicing with the Patriots.

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Pictured: Definitely a good idea.
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On what planet is selling a shirt commemorating that one week you practiced with a much better team a good idea?

I wonder what the meeting went like when discussing this idea. Probably something like this:

Scene: Inside the Redskins marketing department

“Guys, our popularity is dwindling. We’re not very good. People think the name is racist. Dan Snyder sucks. How do we turn this all around?”

“I’ve got an idea.”

“Johnson, yes! That’s the kind of can-do attitude that’s gonna get you places. What have you got?”

“Ok, well just hear me out. It’s a normal t-shirt. But instead of commemorating a player or our Super Bowl wins, we commemorate one week of practice with a team that would murder us in the regular season.”

“My God, Johnson. You’ve just saved this franchise!”

Johnson now.


End Scene

It’s like every MLB team giving Derek Jeter cowboy boots or whatever at their home games. Have some dignity.

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