EPIC FAIL: Two NYPD Officers Can’t Take Down Half-Naked Man [VIDEO]

A video recently posted to the internet shows two New York City police department officers failing miserably to arrest a shirtless man whose pants were also falling down.

An amateur videographer captured the scene which unfolded in the streets of Brooklyn.

The video shows two female officers grabbing the shirtless man in the middle of a city street. One officer who is seen pulling the man by his pants falls to the ground as the man yanks himself from her grip. The man then shoves the other officer before turning and running away while yanking up his pants.

One of the officers jogs after the man while the other returns back to a police cruiser. All the while, neighborhood bystanders can be heard cheering and jaunting while the young man filming the altercation laughs obnoxiously in the background.

It is an embarrassing scene, but one far different from others involving NYPD officers that were also captured on video. Last month, city officers were filmed putting an unarmed man in a headlock, killing him. (RELATED: New York Mayoral Aide Angers NYPD Over Tweet For Chokehold Victim)

The recent video shows the police cruiser which has markings on it indicating that the officers were in Police Service Area 3, located in Brooklyn.

It is unclear why the officers were trying to arrest the man.

A request for comment submitted to the Police Service Area 3 station was not returned. (RELATED: Is Selling Untaxed Cigarettes Now A Capital Offense?)

WATCH (Warning: Graphic language):

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