These 11 Countries Are Losing Their Shirts…And So Are Their Women [PHOTOS]

So Argentina is about to go bankrupt again. That’s certainly no surprise. According to USA Today, though, 10 other nations with terrible credit ratings are also at risk of default.

The Daily Caller wants to help. Here, then — to help you, our beloved and valued readers, better understand these various financial crises — are 11 smoldering hotties from each of these 11 countries.

Take a look below.


Argentina YouTube screenshot BodypaintThings have gotten so bad in Argentina that women aren’t even wearing shirts. They are painting them on instead.


Ukraine YouTube screenshot TheCossackmateWar-torn Ukraine is in the news a lot lately these days. The political and economic situation has gotten so bad that beautiful women are now wearing rugs.


Cuba Erika Senti YouTube screenshot bikini centralWho could have guessed that the communist government in Cuba would end with terrible credit? Confused academics will stew over it for decades to come.