Kate Upton Is Trying To Ruin Justin Verlander If She Hasn’t Already [VIDEO]

Kate Upton is trying to ruin Justin Verlander. That’s not even an opinion. It’s science.

How do I know this? Just look at this video from Monday’s Detroit Tigers game.

Aww, that’s adorable. They really love each other. Too bad she’s trying to derail your career, Justin. What you want to end up like Tony Romo did when he was dating Jessica Simpson? Is that what you want Justin? To be Tony Romo? Even Tony Romo doesn’t really like being Tony Romo. He just has to be Tony Romo because there’s no other option.

This is the reason you suck this year. Learn it. She’s like poison. Sweet, sweet poison. You want that 4.66 ERA forever? Because that’s how you get a 4.66 ERA forever.

So quit with the lovey-dovey, Verlander. Is it really worth it?



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