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Meghan McCain Wants Glenn Beck To Apologize For Fake Barfing About Her Naked Body

Since he’s a changed man and all, Glenn Beck is getting quite an invitation from Meghan McCain. She wants him to apologize for fake barfing into a trashcan thinking about her naked.

This was way back in 2011, when McCain shed her clothes for a PSA about skin cancer. But McCain, host of Pivot’s “TakePart Live,” is resurrecting the matter and has invited Barfy on her show, reports Mediaite and HuffPost.

On Sunday, CNN’s “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter conducted a wide-ranging interview with Beck, during which he expressed a whole mess of remorse about contributing to divisions in the country. He was beck-mcas weird and emotional as ever, at one point even getting dangerously close to tears as he described a scene walking with his daughter when people repeatedly harassed him on the street about what a %*$# he was.

If Beck means what he says about his regrets — he admitted, for example, on CNN that he regretted calling President Obama racist — he should muster up his courage, say his prayers and meet McCain in the flesh.

And just a thought — maybe leave the barf bag at home.