MICE And ROACHES Found In Congressional Candidate’s ‘Organic’ Stores

Democrat Aaron Woolf is running for Congress — but he’s got a bit of dirt on his resume.

His fashionable organic food stores in Brooklyn, “Urban Rustic” and “The Lodge,” have reported 83 Health Department violations just in the last 3 1/2 years, according to The New York Daily News. Urban Rustic alone is responsible for 50 of the violations.

Apparently, these violations include sightings of mice, rats, and roaches in the stores, but The Daily News reports that both stores currently have an “A” grade from the Health Department.

“We have an ‘A’ in the window and worked hard to get that,” an unnamed Urban Rustic employee told The Daily News. “We had violations in the past but have corrected them.”

Woolf, a nominee for the 21st Congressional District, collaborated on the documentary “King Corn” in 2007, afterwards opening Urban Rustic as a response to problems in the food industry.

Rats seem like a problem for the food industry. How “organic” are Woolf’s restaurants going to get?

Stuart Rosenberg, Woolf’s campaign manager, tried to downplay talk of the health violations when speaking to the Daily News.

“Urban Rustic strives to provide the best possible service to its customers and to the community,” Rosenberg told the Daily News. “With every small business, there are issues you have to grapple with.”

Or swat, catch, or spray pesticide on.

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