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#NotAllMuslims Spread Anti-Semitic Blood Libel, Get Called Out By Wolf Blitzer

Last week, Hamas official Osama Hamdan said the following on live TV in Lebanon:

Yesterday, Hamdan was grilled about this outrageous yet undying lie. By Wolf Blitzer. Yes, that Wolf Blitzer.

First things first: Congratulations to Mr. Blitzer for remembering what he’s supposed to do for a living.

Will this pathetic display remind the rest of the media that Hamas is a pack of lying 7th-Century cowards? Will our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters start to take Hamas’ claims with the tiniest grain of salt?

Or will they sweep this under the rug because it doesn’t conform to their utterly delusional worldview?

Anything’s possible, I guess.

(Hat tip: Molly Wharton)