The Daily Caller Presents: The Second Annual College Stupidity Awards

As the summer winds down, it’s time to celebrate the stupidest and most outrageous events that occurred on campus last academic year.

Here are the 20 — and then some — stupidest, most outrageous and most cringe-worthy campus moments of 2013-14.


blizzard Getty Images Scott OlsonIn March, an obscure assistant philosophy professor at Rochester Institute of Technology penned a 900-word-plus screed announcing his desire to imprison people who disagree with him about global warming. The professor, Lawrence Torcello, complained that certain nefarious, unidentified individuals have organized a “campaign funding misinformation.” “The funding of climate denial,” he argues, “ought to be considered criminally negligent.” (RELATED: US College Professor Demands Imprisonment For Climate-Change Deniers)

YouTube screenshot Oberlin SID altered with the word LOLBERLIN by The Daily CallerOberlin College is clearly the worst college in the world and no parent should ever send a kid there. The school that canceled classes for a day in 2013 because a couple Obama-loving white kids allegedly circulated virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus is also considering a complex set of rules that would mandate transgender sensitivity training for all coaches and athletic staff members. The new policy would replace all gender-specific pronouns – she, her, hers, he, her, hers – with plural equivalents they, them and theirs. (RELATED: Oberlin College Mulls Ban On Gender Pronouns, Mandatory Transgender Sensitivity Training)

Occidental College Creative Commons The Port of AuthorityOccidental College is making a strong push to become the worst American college. This spring, the mediocre private dump that President Barack Obama once attended — before wisely transferring to Columbia University as a junior — offered academic credit for a class on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” In the fall, a female student at Occidental accused a now-expelled male student of rape after texting him “do you have a condom” and sending a separate, eager, smiley-face text to friend reading “I’mgoingtohave sex now” [sic]. The male student claims sociology professor Danielle Dirks later indicated that he “fit the profile of other rapists on campus in that he had a high GPA in high school, was his class valedictorian, was on [a sports] team, and was ‘from a good family.'” (RELATED: Lawsuit: Professor Brands College Student Rapist Because He Got Good Grades, Played Sports And Was ‘From A Good Family’)

YouTube screenshot AssociatedPress, Bill Ayers Chicago Police DepartmentThe University of Illinois system has continued its bizarre quest to employ as many scumbags as possible by acquiring the services of Steven Salaita, a leading light in the movement among obscure academics to boycott Israel. The hiring of Salaita marks a triefecta of sorts. The eternal slab of concrete that is the University of Illinois at Chicago was the professional home of coddled little rich boy turned coddled, bumbling Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers for 23 years. Down the road, the semi-prestigious flagship campus at Urbana–Champaign has employed urban planning professor James Kilgore — a felon and a former member of the notorious Symbionese Liberation Army that kidnapped newspaper heiress Patty Hearst. (RELATED: TERRORIST UNIVERSITY: The University of Illinois System Keeps Hiring Terrorists)