The 13 Most Rabidly Leftist, Politically Correct Colleges For Dirty, Tree-Hugging Hippies


Hampshire College YouTube screenshot hampsignboardFounded in 1965 as an experiment in alternative education, small Hampshire College does not provide majors or grades. Notable traditions include Hampshire Halloween, an event so big and raucous that the entire campus closes down for it. Another name for the drug-infused bash is “Trip or Treat.” Past posters for the event have urged students to avoid costumes that could offend anyone at all. “Does my costume packaging include the words ‘traditional,’ ‘ethnic,’ ‘colonial,’ ‘cultural,’ ‘authentic,’ ‘or ‘tribal?'” a helpful flyer asked. Because, God knows, when you are tripping ecstasy, the last thing you want is to be wearing an offensive ensemble.

Evergreen State YouTube screenshot Madeline BlevensThe Evergreen State College in lush, rainy Olympia, Wash. rarely makes the news — unlike many other exceedingly liberal schools — and it’s frankly not very hard to get into. Consequently, it’s probably fair to say that Evergreen is quietly educating the next generation of slacker leftists. The taxpayer-funded college has no grades. Instead, professors write narrative evaluations of each student’s work. The school mascot is the Geoduck, the world’s largest burrowing clam. In 2012, officials at the school stood by by their decision to let a 45-year-old student with a penis use the women’s locker room, and walk naked in front of girls as young as six years old using the facility. (RELATED: College OKs transgender man’s full monty to underage girls in womens’ locker room)

Nazi flag Oberlin police report - CopyNo list of fascist, liberal colleges would be remotely complete without Oberlin College, the school where Obama-loving leftist student Dylan Bleier and his sidekick Matt Alden allegedly circulated virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus “for the shock value,” according to Bleier. School president Marvin Krislov called off school for a day and made a huge fuss, despite apparently knowing full well it was all a hoax. The Oberlin administration then exploited the hoax to implement an aggressive leftist agenda on students, according to Legal Insurrection. (RELATED: Meet The Privileged Obama-Supporting White Kids Who Perpetrated Cruel Oberlin Race Hoax)

Bard YouTube screenshot bardwebvideoBard College is a small school famous for liberal arts and fine arts in a gorgeous, rural region of upstate New York. Students tend to have been high school outcasts — mostly hippies, geeky fashion victims and people who listen to ultra-obscure indie music. “Bardstock,” “Coming Out Week” and, of course, leftist politics are all the rage.

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