The Mirror

Anthony Weiner Dives Into Culinary Pleasures

Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (or, as the NYP puts it, the “crotch-tweeting” ex-congressman) is giving up on politics–at least for now. He’s using up all that pent up energy on an entirely different career: He wants to open a restaurant in the Rockaways, one that uses locally grown foods.

This seems rather promising.

As wife Huma Abedin gets deeper into her boss, Hillary Clinton, possibly making a bid for president, Weiner needs a hobby.

The NYP reports that Weiner’s eatery will serve “locally sourced food that satisfies the hunger of Rockaway residents. … It will attract visitors and serve up dignity and self-sufficiency by serving as a hands-on training ground to provide skills, real experience and job placement in the culinary industry.”

The name he’s toying with? It’s “The Rockaway Restoration Kitchen.”

Seems such a shame that Carlos Danger’s Diner isn’t being put to good use. On the menu: fried kielbasa, corn dogs, non-kosher hot dogs and for desert, bomb pops and chocolate covered bananas.