Study: Celebs Work To Promote Charities Fairly Useless

Celebrities often benefit more in terms of public image than the charities they promote, a British study says.

About 2,000 people were asked in the study to link any celebrity with a list of seven charity and aid organizations, including the Red Cross and Amnesty International, the Belfast Telegraph reports. Two thirds could not link a single celebrity with any of the organizations.

Professors working on the study told the Belfast Telegraph that although major non-govermental organizations are well-known, their celebrity advocates are not.¬†“[M]ost people supported the charities that they supported because of personal connections in their lives and families which made these causes important, not because of the celebrities,”¬†Professor Dan Brockington, of the University of Manchester, and Professor Spencer Henson, of the University of Sussex, said.

“Regardless of what celebrities may want in terms of publicity – and the interviews suggest that many would seek to maximise the attention given to their cause and not to them – it is clear that the celebrity can often do better out of this attention than their causes.”

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