The 7 Most Awesome Marine Corps Commercials [VIDEOS]

The Marine Corps is no joke. It’s a fighting force to be reckoned with: part smooth tactician, part crazy badass. Its recruiting commercials are no different. Here are the top seven Marine Corps commercials of all time. (RELATED: You Could Win These 2 Special Edition Marine Corps Handguns)


This video completely encapsulates what I imagine it means to be a Marine in just one minute. While most would duck and search for cover, Marine have an entirely different flight-or-fight system in their brains. They’re constantly running toward the trouble and finding a way to try and end it.


“They’ve stormed beaches. They’ve freed countries.” It doesn’t get more Marine than that. This commercial appeals to a different sentiment. Instead of the gung-ho attitude typically associated with Marines, it takes on the proud tradition the Corps has built throughout the years with images from World War II and on. Truly inspiring stuff.


This one works as a great analogy for Marine Corps training. Marines are some of the toughest people on the planet and their training is proof. Here’s one man charging through what seems like an impossible obstacle course only to get to the true final challenge: a giant lava monster. Does the Marine flinch? Of course not. He takes it on headfirst and marches his way to victory.