The Daily Caller Presents: 13 UNLUCKY Colleges

Each year, in late spring, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) publishes a big list of all its member schools that are still accepting applications for first-year or transfer students for next fall.

Every school in this list had continued to accept qualified freshmen as of May 2014. Except for Florida Atlantic, of course, all range from good to quite good to downright stellar.

Florida Atlantic sign Creative Commons KnightLagoIt’s no surprise that Florida Atlantic University, America’s worst university, made this list. The public, taxpayer-funded university employs James Tracy, the wackadoodle communications professor who speculated on his personal blog that the Boston Marathon bombings could have been an elaborate hoax. FAU also tried to punish a student who expressed discomfort with another professor’s assignment to stomp on a piece of paper bearing the word “Jesus”. And it punished its campus newspaper editor for practicing journalism. (RELATED: Florida Atlantic University Is Still The Worst Place In America To Attend College)

Cornell College YouTube screenshot Cornell College CLOCSSmall Cornell College in Iowa was founded in 1853, a dozen years before Cornell University, the much larger upstart in Ithaca, got its start. Both campuses are set on picturesque hills. The two Cornell benefactors were distant cousins. The cool thing about Cornell in Iowa is its unique one-course-at-a-time academic setup.

Grove City College YouTube screenshot GroveCityCollegeThe Daily Caller is a little sad to see Grove City College on this list. The genuinely Christian and conservative school has made a national name for itself by refusing federal aid and the byzantine regulations that come with it while keeping tuition costs outstandingly low.

University of Iowa YouTube screenshot University of IowaThe University of Iowa is a Big 10 bastion famous for its raucous party scene and its vital role as a safety school for students who didn’t get into better Big 10 schools. It’s also located in what is almost assuredly America’s most underrated college town.

Baylor Bears YouTube screenshot Vicente BetoretBaylor University is America’s — and almost certainly the world’s — largest and most prestigious bastion of Baptist academics. It’s a conservative, religious place, and the alma mater of some of the most powerful people in Texas.

Marquette University YouTube screenshot excelsior27Marquette University is the Jesuit college in not-very-beautiful Milwaukee, Wis. Students mostly come from suburbia these days, but Marquette will probably always retain its blue-collar charm.