That Guy Famous For Passing Out At Project P Rave Finally Speaks [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos | Managing Editor, The Daily Caller News Foundation

Ray Hulin, who goes by the rapper name Ratchet, finally spoke with the press after a shot of him passed out on the floor following a giant rave went viral last week.

FOX17 was interviewing James Taylor about a rave he had thrown the night before at his house in Mecosta County, Mich., when he pointed to Hulin — completely passed out on the floor — and said “I didn’t make this kid pass out on this floor.”

Hulin eventually woke up, and he spoke with FOX17 Sunday about the rave and his new status as an Internet sensation.

“I was in the house,” he said in the interview as he generously re-enacted passing out for the camera. “I started walking through the house, I’m drunk, and I was like, you know what, I’m done.”

He told FOX17 he was simply resting after drinking multiple bottles of liquor.”I feel like I lasted longer than anybody,” he said. “Yea I might have passed out earlier in the night, but I woke up and kept drinking.”

He lost two cell phones and made a five hour journey to his house in the next county over the next day, but said he’s not blaming anybody but himself.

“I didn’t force nothing down nobodies throat,” he explained. “I ain’t make you do what you won’t do. He didn’t make me pass out on this floor. I passed out on my own!”

He realized he had become an Internet sensation the next day. “I called my cousin,” he said, holding a half-empty bottle of liquor to re-enact the phone call.

Charges were filed against the people responsible for the rave, named Project P, which more than 2,000 people attended.

“I don’t feel like they should a got arrested,” Hulin continued in the interview. “I understand, I understand they hosted a really big ass party. That’s no reason to get locked up.”

Hulin told Fox17 he’s expecting to headline the next Project P.


Hulin was first tracked down by Shane Kavanaugh at Vocativ. “They made it look like I don’t know how to handle my shit,” Hulin told Vocativ. “I’ve been way more fucked up before and was able to keep my composure.”

“I know how to handle a party, dude,” he added. “And I feel like I handled this one party well.”

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